Great news! Baby-boom is now in Bat Rehab Center

Recently, on June 24th, residences of one house in Solonytsivka (Kharkiv region) found a big group of bats, had been living in crevices of the house. Unfortunately, these bats were detected only after repair works with the house facade when outer crevices had been covered. Bats started to creep out into apartments where people caught them and released. However, there were adult individuals. Then, young bats appeared. An apartment-holder carefully caught 16 baby-bats and brought them to Bat Rehab Center, where we will feed them with a powdered milk till baby-bats start to fly and eat independently.

All baby-bats are belonged to species Pipistrellus kuhlii and inhabit buildings in cities throughout a year. However, we have never had such many young bats in Bat Rehab Center. We will make our best to raise them. Last year, we released one Kuhl`s pipistrelle. You can see how it happened here

Photo: Olexandra Kisel, Anton Vlaschenko

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