Bat souvenirs Shop

Here you can buy our unique bat merch with Ukrainian bats. Please write on e-mail and we can send it to you. You can make payment via Wise, PayPal (bats.ukraine or support us on Patreon

Magnets (65×65 mm)- 2 EUR
stickerpack ” bat species” – 2 EUR
stickerpack “bat care” 2 EUR and “bat release” postcard – 1 EUR
Wall calendar – for free
Stickers – a present for each order

All funds will be used for our live bats at Bat Rehabilitation Center in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Each year we have more than 3000 rescued bats who need treatment and feeding.

We are thankful for your help in bat conservation!


  1. Thank you for all you are doing to help bats!
    When I have some extra money, I am so excited to buy some merchandise and donate to the wonderful cause.
    I hope you are safe and doing well.


  2. Hi UBRC

    Would you be able to send me 8 bat mugs and badges.

    Thanks 🙂 Andrew

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