Ukrainian Independent Ecology Institute is Public Non-Governmental Organization (NGO “UIEI”) founded in August 2015 in Kharkiv city, Ukraine. The founders are team of young initiative conservationists who already realized several nature conservation and research projects in Ukraine. NGO “UIEI” was founded as platform for broad range of nature conservation projects, but in fact the NGO works like independent umbrella organization for support Bat Rehabilitation Center in Kharkiv and other bat conservation initiatives.

Ukrainian Independent Ecology Institute was booked as Public Non-Governmental Organization according to Ukrainian Law. The certificate (number 1441523) of registration was given by Kharkiv City Justice Department August 19, 2015.

Identification code of juridical person: 39963441

Head: Anton Vlaschenko

Registered address: 61001, Kharkiv region, Kharkiv city, Plekhankovska st., 40.

Bank account details