Bats – not rubbish!

On December 27, 680 bats were rescued from the trash can in Zaporizhia city! They were thrown into the trash can by people. Finally, the bats were taken to Kharkiv (our Bat Rehab Center) on January, 3.

Bats thrown into the trash can

This became possible thanks to volunteers Marina and Maksym Fesenko, who then collected them from the trash can and now brought them by car to Kharkiv. In Zaporozhye, Olesya Kulyk led the bat rescue work.

So far, the Bat Rehab Center’s specialists have examined all the bats, given them water, banded them and sorted them – who needs feeding and who can continue hibernation now. Thanks to volunteers who come to the Bat Rehabilitation Center, bats are already eating zophobas and will soon continue hibernating in the Center’s refrigerators. Now our costs for zophobas (bats’ food) have increased to 5 kg per week, and the total number of bats in the Center has exceeded 2,000 animals!