Bat of the day 26 October (Bat week) – Noctule bat

The Noctule bat (Nyctalus noctula Schreber, 1774)

Quite big bat whose wingspan is 32-40 cm. One of the most widespread species of bats in the Kharkiv region.

In the summer, colonies settle in caves of trees, especially they like oaks. In the winter – a mass species in Kharkiv. Noctules are migrating species, the max known distance of their flight is 1500 km! In the spring, these bats appear in the forests in late April – early May, and fly to the south in September. In Kharkiv, they start to appear in the begining of August. Mass migration in the city continues until mid-September, and after that the number of individuals decreases, and from the end of October they begin to return to Kharkiv.

Tere are a lot of individuals of this bats for rehabilitation in Kharkiv: usually it’s abot 200-500 of bats, but in winter of 2017-2018, we are taking care of ….1245 individuals!

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