Bat of the day 27 October (Bat week) – Kuhl’s pipistrelle

Kuhl’s pipistrelle (Pipistrellus kuhlii Kuhl, 1817)

The bat is quite small, with a wingspan of 21-24 cm. For the first time, this species was noticed in Kharkiv in 2000. And over the past 20 years, Kuhl’s pipistrelle bat have significantly expanded their habitat to the west and north, settled the whole territory of Ukraine. This pipistrelle always settles in human buildings and inhabit urbanized landscapes. This species lives year round with people, so you can meet with it at any time.
Kuhl’s pipistrelle bats hibernate in large colonies. Remember, last year we saved one of these colonies from school in the village Karlivka?
During the winter of 2017-2018, in Kharkov, we saved 8 bats of this species. However, a large number of animals came to us from all over Ukraine.
The Kuhl’s pipistrelle bat, like other bat species in Ukraine, is included in the Red Data Book.

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