Helping baby bats

Bats only give birth to one or two pups per year. The first several days mothers carry their pups when they fly (the baby bat holds onto its mother with its mouth around the nipple ). However, sometimes it happens that mother can lose her pup and it can fall into the clutches of predators. Last month (since 7th of June) we received more than 20 reports from Ukraine, Russia and France about baby bats which were accidentally found by people. Each time we provide people with sufficient information ( regarding baby bat care and treatments. Despite the fact that look after baby bat is a difficult process, nevertheless, we appreciate that there are so many bat fans, which ready to face these challenges. We hope that at least part of the bat pups are survived. We are looking forward to your feedback! Please write us your opinion and suggestion. We are happy to share your experience and improve our guidelines!

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