More than 600 bats were handed over to Bat Rehabilitation Center from Poltava region

On 20 of December 637 bats were handed over to our Bat Rehabilitation Center from Karlivka (Poltava region). These bats were hibernating in crevices in a local school when they were found. It happened during replacing old windows. Fortunately, a chemistry teacher and pupils were not indifferent and rescued bats over several days. Totally, they pulled out of crevices 630 Pipistrellus kuhlii, 4 Nyctalus noctula and 3 Vespertilio murinus! After this, the teacher contacted our Center and we delivered successfully bats to Kharkiv, where they will continue their hibernation.
As a result, now we have about 300 bats, which need daily feeding!
Friends! We really need your help in feeding bats! If you want to help – we will be happy!


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