Field lesson about bat research for pupils of school “Obdarovanist”

During two days (2-3 of June) on biological station of Karazin Kharkiv National University members of Kharkiv Bat Rehab Centre Anton Vlaschenko and Alona Prylutska Gukasova conducted field lesson for pupils of school “Obdarovanist”. Lesson was dedicated to bat research. Children studied activities of BRC, how to explore animals (including bats) using modern gadgets (phototraps, Ultrasound detectors, temperature logger and others). At night children with researchers went to Siversky Donets meadow and set up mist-nets for bat capture. Also, they recorded sounds of bats with the help of ultrasound detectors. At the next day there was a workshop with analysis of bat sounds in special computer software. Children were engaged in process and were willing to join BRC for further work and to manage their own researches.

Anton Vlaschenko
Alona Prylutska

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