We rescued almost 1000 bats which were under fire

Dear our friends, followers, supporters and colleagues!
We have brilliant news! On 24 of March, finally, we reached the Feldman Ecopark area and rescued nearly 1000 bats; those bats that we put in bat-boxes in cages with free access to water in mid-February for hibernation. This state of uncertainty was very stressful for us, we were very worried about our bats in Ecopark which stayed there for one month of bombing by russian forces.
We cannot provide details about our journey, just noticed that it was long-journey for a short distance, close to the frontline.
Special great thanks to the volunteers who are helping animals in Ecopark and helped us!
First, our bats hibernated perfectly, just a few dead individuals for more than a month of hibernation.  They gathered in bat-boxes and packed very densely. They slept so deeply that no external circumstances would disturb them (even regularly shelling).
Secondly, our enclosure in Ecopark – Bat-collider is not damaged yet. And we conducted this journey without injuries and other bad things (however, it was shelling all around).
The next step, in a few days we will feed these bats and release them as soon as possible.  

Our great thanks for all of the followers and supporters of our project!
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