Bat-Collider – new facilities (aviary) for bat research in Ukraine

Our specially designed aviary, named the “Bat Collider” after the great particle accelerators whose shape it mimics, is used for both rehabilitation and study. Taking the shape of a 2x2m roofed, circular mesh tunnel a full 20m in diameter and 62.8m in circumference the Bat Collider is located in an oak forest on the grounds…

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The structure of the bat wing

Do you know that the structure of the bat wing has much more in common with a human hand than with a bird’s wing? Bats have a free limb divided into three parts: shoulder, forearm and fingertips. Like humans, the animal has shoulder, elbow, radius, wrists, hands and even phalanges of all five fingers. In…

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Bat species of Kharkiv region, NE Ukraine

28 bat species are known for Ukraine (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) and all are listed in Red Data Book. 13 bat species are known for the territory of Kharkiv region, NE Ukraine. Myotis daubentoniiMyotis dasycnemeMyotis brandtiiMyotis nattereriNyctalus leisleriNyctalus noctulaNyctalus lasiopterusEptesicus serotinusPipistrellus nathusiiPipistrellus pygmaeusPipistrellus kuhliiVespertilio murinusPlecotus auritus

You’ve found a bat. What should you do?

Summer A bat has flown into your apartment/house at night 1. Do not be afraid. Indeed, for the most people, it is unexpected to see a bat so closely. But remember. Bats are in stress too. 2. Do not let bats get hidden at hard-to-reach places. Open a window and direct a bat flight with…

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