Adopt a Bat

We now exist solely through charitable contributions. Become an adopter of bats of the Rehabilitation Center and save animals which are listed in Ukrainian Red Data Book! Your support helps in the bat conservation in Ukraine!

By “adopting” a bat * you will get:

  • official certificate of “adoption” by e-mail;
  • detailed information about the selected species of bat;
  • we will send video or photo updates on the condition of the selected bat within a month.

You can also give your friend such a unique opportunity to support wildlife.

How to do it:

  • choose a bat;
  • make a charitable contribution in the amount of UAH 500 or sing to our Patreon;
  • fill in the Google form (indicate your contacts and the name of the selected animal).

With your consent, we will publish a thanks giving post with the mark of your account on our social networks.

Our bats:


Vespertilio bats are very scary and in some cases hiss at you threateningly. This girl is no exception. She injured her wing in a collision with a magpie in the winter of 2021, so she had to amputate the wing. But she is cheerful and mobile, and can live up to 10 years in captivity.


This red-haired boy of Noctule bat has a white spot (partial albinism) on his back. He was born in captivity in Kyiv in the summer of 2020, but had developmental problems and did not fly. He is still training flights and we hope to fly free in the near future, when he will be confidently flying on the bet collider.


This Serotine bat and has a unique gray color of fur on the back and abdomen (usually black). This adult boy came to us for rehabilitation in 2020. He likes to sit next to other bats, in the house, apparently feels that he is special. He is not flying yet because he has a sick hind paw.


This exotic bat – a Tadarida teniotis (from the Bulldog family) – is special in our Center. In general, he lives in the Mediterranean and the Caucasus. He got to Kharkiv by accident and flew into the apartment, where we rescued him in the summer of 2020 (more here). He broke his wing and we could not set him free, and he will not survive in our latitudes. In general, he feels good, eats a variety of insects and “communicates” with bats of our fauna, which are in the Center.


This Noctule (girl) was found on the ground in Kharkiv, she was attacked by forty. When she fought back, she screamed and people rescued her and handed her over to us. She currently has a fracture of the 4th finger of her left wing and a torn membrane, but this is being treated and she will still have a chance to fly. So far we have treatment and rehabilitation.

* Adoption means his keeping in the Center at the expense of donations of the benefactor

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