Adopt a Bat

Currently, we exist solely based on charitable donations and small grants.

Adopt a bat at our Rehabilitation Center and become a savior of endangered species!

Your support contributes to bat conservation and rescue efforts in Ukraine!

Upon ‘adopting’ a bat, you will receive:

– an official ‘adoption certificate’ by e-mail;

– detailed information about your ‘adopted’ bat’s species; and

– regular updates from us with videos and/or photos of your bat’s condition for the duration of your monthly donations

You can also gift this unique opportunity to support wildlife to someone else.

How to adopt a bat:

– choose a bat;

– make a donation in the amount of at least 15$ to our PayPal (, Alona Prylutska), whereby your virtual adoption remains effective for a month. Further monthly contributions towards the guardianship over this particular bat remain at your discretion; and

– fill out the Google form (i.e. provide your contact details and the name of the bat you chose to virtually adopt).

Subject to your prior consent, we will publish a thank you post and/or story tagging your account on our social media.

*Adoption implies the bat remains in our Center’s care funded by the guardian’s donation(s).

Bats in need of adoption:


Sodo arrived to our Center in September with a completely torn membrane and a forearm injury. He is now followed closely by our care specialists. His future ability to fly is uncertain.

Princess Cinnamon

This female noctule bat came to our Center from Dnipro City in February 2022 with an injured wing. She was evacuated at the beginning of the full-scale invasion and survived the darkest times with us. She is now on lifelong rehabilitation as her injury makes flying no longer possible.



This female noctule bat was found on the ground in Kharkiv City when attacked by a magpie. She screamed while defending herself, so someone came to her rescue and brought her to us. Currently, she has a broken 4th finger on her left wing and a torn membrane, but this should be treatable and she still has a chance to fly. She is presently undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at our Center.

Rudyk (‘Red’)

This male noctule bat arrived at our Center on 12 December 2022. He was found together with a colony of bats that accidentally flew into the dormitory No.4 of Kharkiv National Pedagogical University, located at Gvardiytsiv-Shironintsiv Street, 41A, Kharkiv.

After rescuing him, we placed him for artificial hibernation in one of our Center’s fridges, where he started to gnaw the phalanges of his own left wing. The reason for such behavior is unknown to us. After partial amputation and healing of the wounds, he resumed to gnaw his limb. As a result, he had half of the second and third fingers of his left wing amputated. His flight capacity is now uncertain, so release into the wild is currently not possible.

Zhyvchyk (‘Lively’)

This male serotine bat has an incorrectly healed wing fracture, since no timely veterinary care could be provided to him due to the war. He was found in Kamianske City (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast) and was placed with one of our volunteers, who cared for the bat from February though June. He has since joined the rest of our serotine bats at our Center.


A female parti-coloured bat. She has been in our rehabilitation since August 2021, handed over by a colleague from Kyiv. The female had partial alopecia and an injured wing.

She cannot fly, as her right wing is amputated to the middle of the forearm. However, she still loves to ‘run’ on her folded wings.


A male noctule bat that was rescued by our specialists three times: once from the balcony of a Kharkiv high-rise in winter 2022 and twice from the full-scale war.

He has a distinguishing feature – a partial tail amputation, so he cannot be released back to the wild.


A young female noctule bat who became trapped in the space between window frames of Karazin Kharkiv National University on 14 December 2022, during autumn migration. While trapped, she severely injured her left wing, leading to the amputation of the phalanges of two fingers. Unfortunately, this makes her flight and return back to the wild impossible.


This male noctule bat arrived for rehabilitation from Zaporizhzhia City in the middle of December 2022. He has a knee joint fracture, which prevents him from flying and returning to the wild, but doesn’t stop him from being a very active little fellow.


This young male noctule bat was discovered during a balcony renovation in the company of many other noctules hibernating inside the balcony cladding in Zaporizhzhia City in December 2022. He has an injury to the fingers of his right wing, so his return to the wild is uncertain, as he still needs flight training.


This female serotine bat arrived at our Center as a baby with a broken wing, necrosis, and swelling of the fingers on 2 July 2022, from Lubny City, Poltava Oblast. Unfortunately, she cannot fly, but actively ‘runs’ on the nets of the bat collider in Feldman Ecopark.
She gets sick occasionally: she had fractures of her hind legs and tail, it took her rather long to recover. At the same time she also had necrosis on her ear and the first finger of the wing. Despite her weak health, hopefully she is happy to be among other bats in our care.


This female noctule bat was born in captivity on 25 May 2023 to one of our females in lifelong rehabilitation. At two weeks old, we noticed incorrect bone development (rickets) in her forearm. Currently unable to fly, but very active, she seems to have adapted to her peculiarity.


This female Kuhl’s pipistrelle bat got to us for rehabilitation on 23 March 2023, from Zaporizhzhia City, with an open fracture of the right forearm, which resulted in lifelong rehabilitation. Later it turned out she was pregnant, but the babies did not survive. After giving birth, she experienced complete fur loss on her back, and following her recovery, a distinct white spot emerged on her nape.

We periodically update our adoption list to add new bats.

Any questions? Please contact us at or viber/telegram +380663059895

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