71 bats were rescued in Kherson region

The colony of Kuhl’s bats was hibernating under the window of the children’s art school in the town of Gola Prystan, Kherson region (South Ukraine). Unfortunately, their sleep was disturbed due to the planned replacement of windows in the building, the staff did not know about the winged neighbors.

71 bats were colected to one box, some bats flew around the school. Two bats were removed from the spray foam, with foam on their fur and muzzle. Bats were transfered to Kherson city by car and then by train to Kharkiv at our Bat Rehab Center. Our specialists have been carefully inspecting, weighing and ringing bats for several hours. Most animals are exhausted and have a low weight (6 grams), so they need insect feeding for a week, and then wintering in the refrigerators. Unfortunately, one of the bats withr the foam died on the way, he had a broken wing, neck wounds and a foamy face.
Thank you to everyone who joined the operation to save the bats!
Currently, the Rehabilitation Center has 2,000 bats of 8 species ???, 200 bats need hand feeding every day.

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