Bat Night in Feldman Ecopark

On the 14th of September The Center of Bat Rehabilitation carried out the educational event “Bat night” in the Feldman Ecopark.

The aim of this event was to attract the attention to the problem of bat conservation and also to inform the general public about harmlessness and environmental benefits of the animals which people meets in attics, balconies and night streets. In Kharkiv the “International bat night” was carried out a third time.

The visitors were told and shown these rare animals living on the territory of Kharkiv and region. In addition to the lecture about bats the guests were able to view the exhibition of artificial houses for bats and to see the photo exhibition.  Those who wished to hear beyond the reach of the human ear bat sound were able to do it by using the special ultrasonic bat detector. The creative people were asked to do bat-origami, soft trinket or to paint bat on the face or on the hand by aqua-make-up. . The children were pleased by games and in the end of celebration big laser show passed and release of the bats involved in the show.

All the participants got the memorable prizes and informational materials about bats.

The event was carried out under the aegis of EUROBATS­­- the organization on the conservation of the bat populations in the Europe. It is in Europe since 1997 (usually on the last week end of the August) the first “International Bat Nights” were begun to be carried out and gradually more and more countries are joining this holiday. In Kharkov the “International bat night” was carried out a third time.

Bat Night funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety through EUROBATS Project Initiative and Alexander Feldman.

More photo see here

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