Bat Release Fest in Kharkiv, Ukraine

In 2013, we established educational event “Bat Release Fest” at Feldman Ecopark (Kharkiv), where we released to the wild all (usually 300-800) bats rescued during the winter.

We give the opportunity to the visitors to make it by themselves. The event has become annual and so popular that there are regular visitors who come with their own gloves and wait to get the bat in hand.

During this action, we tell people about the rules of bat treatment in case of founding a bat, why they should be protected, what is their role in nature. The release takes place after sunset and looks very beautiful when hundreds of bats swirl in the evening sky, looking for the first spring insects.

In 2017 and 2019, we also held a Bats Ceremony on Khortytsya Island (Zaporizhzhya Region), together with zoo defender Olesya Kulik. In 2017, we returned 400 bats that were rescued during the winter in Zaporozhye city, and 100 bats respectively in 2019.

In 2020 we released 1300 bats in Feldman Ecopark, Kharkiv city.

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