Rivne zoo – our new partner

It’s been our dream for quite some time that people all over Ukraine would act friendly to bats and would assist these animals’ survival in urban environment. This is why we are working on creating a network of partner organizations, branches and trained volunteers in a number of cities.On 5 June, our bat expert Alona Prylutska attended the city of Rivne, in particular, the Rivne Zoo, one of the best zoos in Ukraine. The zoo’s management expressed their interest in becoming our partners in saving bats and relevant scientific research.Alona has held a seminar on bats rehabilitation for the zookeepers and a lecture for the zoo visitors on the mysterious life of Chiroptera. Afterwards, the zookeepers have practised feeding their zoo’s Egyptian bats.Finally, we have signed an agreement on future cooperation in bats conservation in this region. So, from now on the Rivne Oblast inhabitants will be able to bring bats to the zoo to get professional help.Despite the war we are determined to keep up our animal conservation efforts in Ukraine. Our current activities are possible due to your support. Please donate to:

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