IFAW supports us

The world leading animal welfare organizations support us these days!

We are thrilled to announce that International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) provide us rapid special grant!

We are very thankful for the recognition of our bat conservation work. For 20 years we worked hard as bat researchers and conservationists. In 2013 we established the only in Ukraine Bat Rehabilitation Center in Feldman Ecopark. Over these years, totally 30,000 bats from all over the country were rescued, treated and released into the wild. We organized hundreds of bat events, lectures, TV programs and shows, trying our best to change peoples’ attitude toward bats.

Our center brings together leading bat conservationists, vets, and researchers. We have unique circular bat enclosure, placed in forest – bat collider, where bats can fly and rehabilitate. Our specialists conducted first surgery operation on bats (broken wings, hermia, problems with eyes) in Eastern Europe. Having immense materials, we make research on bat ecology, physiology, genetics, and morphology.

We highly appreciate IFAW’s support, especially in these terrible times, and are not going to stop saving bats in any circumstances, which we have proven already.

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