Opening the new facility for bats

Opening the modular building as a new operational base of UBRC

We received significant advancement in our infrastructure with the acquisition of a modular building, made possible through the generous support of IFAW. Transported and set up temporarily next to our current office in Kharkiv— this modular facility represents a transformative step for the UBRC. It enhances our ability to support bat conservation efforts under more autonomous and sustainable conditions. Notably, managing utilities in the modular building will be significantly easier during blackouts and other disruptions, providing a reliable base for our operations. This strategic enhancement not only increases our capacity for bat care and rehabilitation but also improves our ability to conduct essential research, substantially boosting our operational capabilities and efficiency across urban areas in Ukraine.

We sincerely thank the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) for their generous financial support – building this modular building. Their contribution is invaluable to our ongoing efforts in bat conservation and research in Ukraine.