Release of two yearlings of Pipistrellus kuhlii

We released two yearlings of Pipistrellus kuhlii in September that arrived from Odessa region.

The story began when worried people found six 5-12-days-old youngs and started to nurse them. Unfortunately, it turned out that dry substitute for canine milk, which was used for feeding, caused numerous problems – tympany, intestinal infection and intoxication. Only three youngs remained alive.

Volunteers from Odessa whole June fought disease, consulted us about bat welfare and selected right food.

Finally, volunteers decided to give a chance for young bats to be free. As a result, individuals arrived in Kharkiv.

Here, vet conducted medical checkup, after which youngs started to learn how to fly and echolocate. Adult female acted as a teacher during this process. When education was successfully ended, bats were released.

However, because of intestinal infection, one pipistrelle did not gain weight necessary for flight. Thus, it will hibernate in artificial condition.

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